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The Paths to Enlightenment
Date :
Venue : Metta Centre
7-9 Cross Street

It is said that there are 84,000 paths to Enlightenment. The Buddha taught one Truth – one Dhamma or Dharma – but taught innumerable ways for us to penetrate this Truth. As the Buddha’s teachings spread out of India, into all corners of the world and passing through the passage of time, the Buddha’s teachings as it is practiced today appears to have taken different forms and expressions. This course on The Paths to Enlightenment traverses through the history of Buddhism and the major Buddhist traditions as they exist today. For two months on each Tuesday evening, we will explore the teachings of the major traditions. For those seeking their path, this would give an overview of the Buddhist traditions. For those already practising in one tradition, this course could give a further dimension to one’s practice by allowing an open appreciation to another practice than one’s own. For the Buddhist community generally, this is an opportunity for dialogue and exchange between practitioners of each tradition. Monastic and lay practitioners are welcome to join these sessions, and join the important conversation between traditions and interpretations of the Buddha’s teachings. Course Details 30 May: Introduction to the traditions/ Buddhist interpretations (Bhante Pandit) 6 June: Introduction to Theravada Buddhism (Jim Teoh) 13 June: Introduction to Theravada Buddhism (Jim Teoh) 20 June: Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism (Robert Tomic) 27 June: Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism (Robert Tomic) 4 July: Introduction to Mahayana Buddhism (Jonathan Shearman) 11 July: Introduction to Mahayana Buddhism (Jonathan Shearman) 18 July: – Introduction to Secular Buddhism (Winton Higgins) 25 July: – Introduction to Early Buddhism (Bhante Jason) 1 August: Dialogue between the traditions (Facilitated by Tina Ng)
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