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Essentially Essential Oils Workshop
Date :
Venue : Frenchs Forest
10 Rodborough Road

doTERRA see themselves as advocates of the earth. They work with local farmers to take the most therapeutic properties that Mamma Nature has to offer, while maintaining environmental stewardship, distill the compound, place it in a little brown bottle and deliver it safely to your hands. Then it’s my job to educate you on just how powerful this is. As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Educator, my main goal is that you experience the most empowering and supported introduction to essential oils. Join me for an class on the most pure essential oils on the market today. Here is an idea of what our class holds for you: + You, alongside likeminded women, sitting in circle. + Our oils class will focus on the subtle ways we can work with these oils so they can support our emotions, physical body, and environment. +You'll learn how to integrate these oils - of the best purity and quality in the world - into your everyday life. + All the while, we’ll be sipping on tea, eating essential oil bliss balls and chocolate and anointing ourselves with essential oils. In honour of sisterhood, being-ness, harmony, mother earth and CHOCOLATE, come join me. Essential oils can:+ be used to make natural skincare and natural cleaning products+ support emotional wellbeing + enhance your spiritual practice+ promote deep and restful sleep+ improve digestive health+ help to fight colds+ alleviate headaches and so much more!!I'm grateful to share this information with you, and if you have a bunch of girlfriends who are into the same spirit-nourishing, earth-honouring stuff you are… please bring them along (make sure you book a ticket for them too). I am so looking forward to meeting you. Katherine. X
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